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Awnings can enhance the look of a home or business as well as make time spent outdoors much more pleasurable. They offer energy saving benefits as well as protection to interior furnishings caused by the sun's rays.

All our awnings come from Rolltec Rolling Systems, one of Canada's leading manufacturer's of retractable awnings since 1984. The awnings are designed using the best in awning technology, and manufactured to client specification. Retractable awnings can be operated either manually or by a motor and can be adjusted to different angles.

Rolltec® retractable awnings require no maintenance, due to the combination of a strong, rust free frame with a self-lubricating mechanism, and durable, water repellent fabrics. Rolltec® retractable awnings have long term manufacturer's warranties and are renowned for achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

As environmental awareness grows and consumers increasingly try to reduce their carbon footprint, retractable awnings continue to gain favor.

Tests have shown that the area beneath an awning can be as much as 20° cooler. Temperatures inside are cooler and air-conditioning costs are reduced.

We are proud to be an Authorized Dealer for Rolltec Awnings in Montreal and vicinity.

All our awnings are manufactured in Canada.

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